Ken Wilber & Dustin DiPerna @ CH SF

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15. 07. 2016 Written by Gareth Gwyn

Consciousness Hacking and Bay Area Integral are proud to co-sponsor this special event with Ken Wilber.



A year ago Ken Wilber reached out to Consciousness Hacking with a deeply resonant assertion: Technology will play a critical role in the future of spirituality and we need to think deeply about its design and development.  Since then, we have been inspired and motivated by a very unique and extremely important perspective he is presenting based on his decades of ground breaking work on Integral Theory.  This perspective opens up an entirely new design space for Transformative Technology which is critical for a complete model of human development, but is often left out of our conversations.


So, join us in this recorded video experience, as we explore the future of spirituality, and the ways in which technology can support a fully integral model of individual and collective flourishing.


About the speakers:

Ken Wilber, philosopher and creator of Integral Theory, a four-quadrant grid which suggests to synthesize all human knowledge and experience, has written over 35 books and continues to be one of the most influential writers of our time.


Dustin DiPerna, a world-renowneded meditation teacher, author, entrepreneur, all around spiritual mensch and speaker from our June 1st event. Dustin studied religion at Harvard, and has spent decades working with Ken Wilber, as well as teachers in various Buddhist traditions.  He brings a perspective deeply grounded in direct wisdom.


July 6, 2016
Consciousness Hacking San Francisco