Dustin DiPerna & Sean Dae Houlihan @ CH SF

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07. 06. 2016 Written by Gareth Gwyn

Neuroscience of Meditation

The session gives you an unprecedented opportunity to experience the emerging union of cutting-edge science and innovative meditation instruction.

Have you ever wondered what happens in your brain during meditation? In this video, Dustin DiPerna and Sean Dae Houlihan lead a hands-on evening of actual meditation practice, along with a play-by-play neuroscientific explanation. 

Dustin, a prominent meditation teacher in the Bay, guides a series of practices that gave each of us the opportunity to explore the influence of meditation on specific aspects of our conscious experience.

Dae, a cognitive neuroscience PhD student at MIT, speaks to what is known about the neural bases of these different meditative experiences by overviewing how meditation interacts with the neural networks involved in attention, emotion and self-referential processes.


June 1, 2016
Consciousness Hacking San Francisco