Illuminating a Bridge Between Science and Spirit

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04. 05. 2016 Written by Gareth Gwyn

Consciousness Hacking exposes a bridge between physical matter and other aspects of the unknown interactions that are constantly alive around us.


There’s a certain practicality in viewing a separation between science and spirit. What good does it do to contemplate the unseen realms when your kids are screaming or the bills aren’t paid? In many contexts, more objective scientifically driven approaches offer immediate solutions for moments of chaos. It makes sense that much of the world operates this way.


This especially makes sense because we so often we don’t get the luxury of space and time from daily demands to contemplate how interconnected we truly are and how embracing this perspective actually might help us break destructive behavioral patterns, ultimately gaining more love and empathy for ourselves and the world. Sometimes our tumultuous reactions when we are overwhelmed actually contribute to a deterioration in our health, often a destruction process we aren’t aware of.


At Consciousness Hacking, the explorations are embracing the realities of our need for quick, but better, choices in chaotic moments while also exploring how to generate new methods for bridging the divide of science and spirit, illuminating our unity. Often these tools are referred to as transformative technologies.


For example, if you were able to visually see anxiety as it takes form in your body, would you be more inclined to experiment with preventative methods for managing these emotions in real-time? Consider the next time your spouse is expressing anger towards you that you’re able to have more awareness through a feedback loop indicating the increase levels of anxiety in your emotions. You then have more choice about the variables that are contributing to your own thoughts, reactions and behaviors in real-time. This could likely increase the probability that you may react in ways more aligned with your heart’s loving knowledge instead of from a place of reactionary triggers. We might be able to learn a lot by seeing such linkages between our cyclical reactionary behaviors and the levels of our happiness.


Or perhaps you enjoy meditating, yet maybe wonder sometimes if your process is effective? Types of transformative technologies can actually help offer new lenses into the different brain states during your process, allowing you to shift and tweak for more effective outcomes.


These are just examples of the type of thinking involved at Consciousness Hacking. As we move as a culture from one-size-fits-all solutions into personalized and customized services and products, like wearables and augmented reality, the communities studying transformative technologies are also celebrating our uniquenesses. While many of the ideas are helping bridge previously held perspectives of dichotomous thinking that open portals of revelations to deeper truths about our connectedness, what’s even more fascinating, is that these pursuits also embrace the diversity in the human species. In light of so many different types of humans, technologies give us new tools to bring interactive solutions that help support individually preferred ways of growth, healing and well-being.


To apply this to the previous example about the formation process of anxiety, not everyone reacts the same way to anger. Perhaps someone would shut-down and become numb instead of screaming back. Therefore, the new type of awareness in which technologies can enable involves considering how our differentiated physical and emotional systems are uniquely interacting with the environment and others. It’s not about blanket solutions to well-being, it’s about enabling preferred and individuated health processes to unfold with a heightened awareness.
These pursuits embody a unique combination of insights from unseen activity around us, the need for practical application and modern technologies. The convergence of these priorities results in the services and products generated by the Consciousness Hacking community to be some of the most holistic options in the world of self-care, healing and mindfulness.