Creating From Wholeness

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25. 04. 2016 Written by Gareth Gwyn

A heart-led choice to work with and from embodying our place in the whole.


The Consciousness Hacking community revolves around a shared perspective that we are intimately entangled with what it is we create. These creations may involve offering a hug to someone, painting a picture, facilitating a workshop, teaching children or developing a new technological tool. Yet, regardless of the methodology of creation, we derive an embodied interconnectivity through knowing our essence is interwoven with the ripples these creations carry into the universe. Therefore, the community brings a delicate compassion to the creation process itself, revealing the evidence of a deep trust that our actions and reactions truly matter.


In other words, if we focus on being true to ourselves and developing compassion within, the subsequent results of our being will bleed into crafts, goods, services and ultimately, all interactions of which we participate.


Today’s technologies intersect humankind in unprecedented ways, offering infinite outlets for experimentation. This unique community gathers together all over the world to ask questions about how we can learn more about who we are as a species through carefully assembling our crafts with machines, techniques, art, music and other expressive impactful channels.


For example, some explore how measuring brain waves could help us learn about what makes us happy, sad or excited. Others experiment with locating the commonalities between meditation and technologically induced states of entrainment. Questions arise involving what can we learn through technology that can teach us about the hidden states of our being. Many of these driving missions seek to discover how we might be able to use this information to bring more holism into our ideas about advancing health and well-being.


There’s no telling what types of projects you’ll hear underway, but there is a thread that continues to surface: we aren’t separate from our creations or from the all of existence.


Ultimately, if we take accountability to be the best embodiment of love we can, we in turn, produce loving ripples into the multiverse through serving as a conduit of our times by way of our endeavors. This community is embracing our resonance with the universal whole, resulting in a fascinating conglomerate of pursuits that are tackling challenges at the most fundamental levels of our interrelated existence.