Time Machine

This is not your dad's biofeedback.

There is a history of modern tech being used for wellbeing dating back to the late 60’s. Leading into the 80’s and early 90’s the claims became increasingly bold, and unsubstantiated. A chasm grew between these ‘consciousness technologies’, and the scientific community. Recently there is a re-embracing of technology as a tool for positive transformation. This is fueled by a number of emerging trends including:

  • 20+ years of serious research into meditation/mindfulness
  • a neurofeedback renaissance from within academia where million dollar brain scanning machines are being used train people to change their brain
  • a booming wearables market moving from activity tracking (what we do), to emotion tracking (how we feel)
  • explosion of ancient practices making their way into a modern market, including yoga and mindfulness

Below is a catalog from the early 90’s published by Terry Patten, which features a wide range of tech based interventions. Many of these appear steeped in questionable claims and dubious science, but behind that there may be a few gems which await proper scientific validation. And this is where Consciousness Hacking comes in. This new culture of Transformative Technologies is about building a bridge between modern scientific methods, and the boundaries of meditation, mystical experience, and healing, which are not fully understood by the scientific community. As we build that bridge, we can actually reap the benefit of both. Creating modern interventions, based in science, but support the types of incredibly valuable experiences pointed to by spiritual traditions for thousands of years.


This is not just about feeling better.

By supporting access to deep peace, unconditional love, healing and human connection using secular and modern tools, we can spark a global cultural revolution. A revolution that isn’t rooted to a particular religion or teacher, but rather based in the most important and profound aspects of the human experience. This is about solving our global problems from the inside out.