Sic Parvis Magna: Greatness from Small Beginnings

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04. 05. 2016 Written by Alin Samson

“Sic Parvis Magna” Sir Francis Drake

Greatness From Small Beginnings

A few words about my physical and social presence in the world! Name’s Alin, 37 years old, born and raised in Romania and since 2009. Permanent resident in Luxembourg. I have a bachelor  degree in Law and working on another one in Psychology.


I come from a family with a strong religious background, but the answers provided by my parents, grandparents and Orthodox Church weren’t really the right ones for what I could define/feel as spirituality. I naturally believed in the idea of being a good and compassionate person more than believing in a religious figure or dogma. This frame of mind was the debut of my searching and ultimately I found that a integralist vision of spirituality works the best! I had the chance to experience and practice various contemplative and energetic practices (Vipassana, Taoist meditation and Neigong, praying, Reiki Usui, Reiki Karuna, Munay Ki, Wuji Gong, Ignatenko’s Cosmohumanism, Grof’s Holotropic Breathwork ). Basically, anything that would held the promise to expand my consciousness and knowledge was a subject of research and experimentation. I remain faithful to Buddhism (Vipassana ) and Taoist’s Neigong teachings and practices but I try to dwell from time to time also in new spiritual teachings. Along the way I discovered what could be my mission and my philosophy in the end: “my life is not only about myself!”


 Another vital element in my searchings was the psychedelics use (in a controlled rigorous and responsible way, I am advocating harm reduction). By all means, I do not suggest anyone to follow the same route as I did since is full of unknowns, dangers and wonders, alike. Psychedelics and entheogens, especially, have their way to open doors to what could be described as the’’the big picture.’’ They provided me glimpses of what science calls ’’non-duality states’’ which determined to follow my search and exploration.


Few years ago, I became curious about the biohacking  and I begin to experiment with various compounds (supplements, nootropics and psychedelics) and techniques (LLLT, micro-dosing psychedelics) with the same purpose: expanding consciousness and find a way to assure my biological and psychological peak state. Like most of spiritual seekers I made the mistake to pursue Enlightenment and I was theorizing this peculiar state of being has also a particular physiological state. This was a road full of ups and downs but in the end helped me to understand  better my physiology and psychology and also I gained theoretical knowledge about neurology, physiology, neuropsychopharmacology.


Last year I had the chance to come in contact with a community of biohackers (or should I called them neurohackers!) on the forums of which promoted a special form of neurofeedback-TAGSync, Theta-Alpha-Gamma Synchrony, a broadband phenomenon in the brain associated with learning, insight and near death experiences states. The phenomenon was observed by Douglas Dailey in 2010 and I am guessing here, that it has a connection with the EEG readings on Buddhist monks at Standford in 2004. Anyway, Douglas developed a neurofeedback design that promotes these particular states in the brain. Subjectively, the results of the practicing this form of Neurofeedback assisted meditation were spectacular. For me the introduction of technology in assisted the contemplative practices was kind of the missing link. From here the passion for technology applied to spirituality grew instantly. I learnt and start to practice various forms  biofeedback and neurofeedback (HRV,SMR,ILF) which brought me a lot of beneficial effects. With God’s help, this summer I will get my neurotherapist diploma and start helping others with this technology. The fact that I have EEG technology at home (4 channel amplifier, not clinical,but still pretty decent) allowed me to envision also a personal research project (Quantifying various spiritual practices on brainwaves activity-nothing really scientific, but I am trying to be pretty rigorous).


Regarding what excites me about CH meetings and why I am eager  organizing here in Luxembourg:


 1-Being a part in something bigger than myself, in a movement that promotes individual and community well-being through technology and classical approach of spirituality. Like it or not, the time have changed and even though the classical approach will hold its ground indefinitely,with the use of the technology we,as a specie,we could refined even more!

  2-To meet individuals with the same passions as me  for spirituality, biohacking, technology, transhumanism, exchange ideas, learn new things and eventually develop new approaches together.