Consciousness Hacking
Film Festival – NYC 2016


Cabaret Cinema at The Rubin Museum of Art in New York City has teamed up with The Consciousness Hacking Movement to celebrate films that transform the way we think and feel about the world around us.


Hacking Consciousness through Film, Technology, and Beyond

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Join Mikey Siegel (founder of Consciousness Hacking) for the opening night of the Consciousness Hacking Film Festival on Friday, September 9th.  This event will be unlike anything the Cabaret Cinema has done before. Mikey will guide the audience through a series of  “art house” short films arranged to facilitate a transformative inner journey. Along the way you will learn what “consciousness hacking” actually is, how to do it, and how film is a particularly rich vehicle for facilitating a radical change in the way we think and feel.

I believe film can be used as a transformative tool to help us realize a profound sense of peace and wellbeing.

– Mikey Siegel

The lineup for the following three Friday evenings (September 16th, 23rd, and 30th) showcase feature films, selected by the consciousness hacking community, that exemplify the three principal dimensions of consciousness hacking:

1) Psychedelic Journey,

2) Contemplation, and

3) Technological Innovation.


1. Psychedelic journey

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On Friday, September 16th we will screen an advance screening of the soon to be released documentary, THE SUNSHINE MAKERS. After the film we invite you stay for a post-screening discussion & Q&A with JESSE JARNOW (author of HEADS: A Biography of Psychedelic America).

Our community selected this film for the category of “psychedelics” for the Consciousness Hacking NYC Film Festival. In the film director Cosmo Fielding-Mellon tells the real life story of how Nicholas Sand and Tim Scully—two American 1960s utopian aspirers—set out to “hack” or transform the collective consciousness of the nation through the manufacture and distribution of nearly 4 million tablets of LSD famously known as Orange Sunshine.

We thought LSD was going to change the world by opening people’s minds, everyone would experience such a sense of love as to bring about world peace. – Nick Sand.

2. Contemplation

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For the category of “Contemplation” (September 23rd) we will be showing Richard Linklater’s seminal film Waking Life (2001). In this film Linklater employs “rotoscoping” technology to create the illusion of a dream state whilst examining the tenuous line between the subjective and objective worlds of being.

Waking life features a complex interweaving of conversations with professors, artists, writers and performers. There is no single theory behind the film. Rather the film is an exploration from many points of view of past and current trends in philosophy. -Written commentary to film

3. Technology

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And lastly, in the category of “Technology” (September 30th), we will be screening The Congress (2013) starring Robin Wright. Director Ari Folman presents a highly original film that Eric Kohn at IndieWire dubbed “The Most Anti-Hollywood Movie Ever Made.” The Congress envisions and explores the potential consequences of the current digital revolution, and human kind’s evolving relationship to technology.

Folman’s beguiling project amounts to a stinging indictment of mainstream culture’s unending commodification. The director spent half a decade assembling his loose adaptation of Stanislaw Lem’s science-fiction novel, “The Futurological Congress,” and the work shows in both its stunning appearance and the extraordinary depth of insight paired with it. – Eric Kohn from IndiWire

Christopher Kelley (co-founder of Consciousness Hacking NYC)  is the host and organizer of The Consciousness Hacking Film Festival. He holds a Ph. D. from Columbia University where he studied Tibetan Buddhism with Professor Robert A. F. Thurman. Kelley is also the co-founder of The Columbia Society for Comparative Philosophy and has produced several innovative conferences on Buddhism. He often delivers public lectures and maintains part-time teaching positions at Brooklyn College and The New School.

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