Brain Synchronization

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05. 05. 2016 Written by Mikey Siegel

Can technology support deeper human connection by directly synchronizing human brains?  Research suggests that brains already sync up during social interaction.  Can we amplify this?  Is there a future of true technological telepathy?  Dr. Michael Persinger, inventor of the God Helmet, Mandy Scott, and Brendan Lehman, will present their recent work exploring Excess Correlation, which is a measurable connection between brains, even across long distances.  The Excess Correlation Project is an open source hardware platform which will allow anyone to replicate the startling and controversial findings.

Persinger has over 200 peer reviewed publications, and his work has appeared in popular media around the world.  We will also hear from two researcher’s from Persinger’s lab, who have helped shape the Excess Correlation research: Brendan Lehman, and Mandy Scott.  Brendan’s work has explored how externally induced excess correlation between a novice and expert video game player, can cause the novice to learn faster.  Mandy’s work has probed deeply into the nature of consciousness and psi phenomena, including Quantitiative EEG research.

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  1. Anna Marrie says:

    I’m a controlled remote viewer here in San Francisco. I went to the IONS conference last month and heard about Dean Radin’s new work. Went to the Applied Precognition conference in June and learned more of Tom Campbell’s virtual reality/information system theory. Your panel lecture was fascinating to me. Speaking of resonance, It’s thrilling to find many new people talking about consciousness in the same grown up scientific manner that my long time mentors use. It’s a bonus thrill when my privately held beliefs and observations turn out to be valid. I love knowing that when I have an abstract thought which strikes me as solid, that someone is already working on the details. I’m not a scientist but I guess I am an unwitting lab rat. ! Cool. thanks. Hearing about your idea of THE COLLAPSING and becoming one brain for a short period of time was a first for me. Makes a lot of sense from a remote viewing perspective. WE are not literally going to the site. We are reducing noise and observing that which is always around us at all times. In other words, I’m already at the target . It’s a question of noticing the fact that I am there. Almost like lucid dreaming. It takes practice to play with non locality as participant/ observer. Nothing exists until it is observed. fascinating. I have to get one of my nerdy and brilliant CRV pals to build your machine. I love gadgets like hemi sync and grounding pads , tapping, affirmations .you name it. I’l l try it. ha ha they tease me. I’m the worlds most curious yet laziest yogini. Love me a good short cut. I’ll have the last laugh if this contraption does what you say. ha ha THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR WORK.

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