Executive Director


Consciousness Hacking is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the development and use of modern technology to support the elevation of consciousness and the uplifting of humanity. We have ~50 communities globally that meet regularly to connect and discuss the intersection of science, technology, meditation, and personal growth. Our community is vibrant, and dedicated to creating positive change in the world. We estimate that 95% have some sort of spiritual or contemplative practice, 80% are involved or interested in technology, and 70% have left a conventional life path to pursue something that aligns with a deeper sense of purpose.
The Bay Area community is our largest, with ~4500 people who have attended an event at some point, and 200 actively paying members. We typically host between 1-2 events per month, with attendance ranging from 50-200 people. We also run a few larger events per year including conferences and parties (ex Awakened Futures Summit) that attract 400-500 attendees. See www.cohack.org for more info.

Job Description

The Executive Director will lead the development and execution of initiatives to ensure the realization of Consciousness Hacking’s mission in a financially sustainable manner.

We’re looking for someone local to the Bay Area with serious startup/business chops that can help grow CH into a financially sustainable company, making serious impact in the world. Although Consciousness Hacking is a 501c3, in practice we aim to operate more like a startup, quickly iterating and testing new ideas to be financially profitable while always staying aligned with our mission. We’re looking for someone who can wear many hats and essentially be leading the execution of all major initiatives within Consciousness Hacking.

To start, the candidate will work with Mikey Siegel (founder), who will be maintaining the direction and vision, and with the Head of Operations who will be leading the execution of local events, managing volunteer community, and working with global chapter leaders (and much much more). This is a small organization and this role is about taking the lead on maturing Consciousness Hacking into the next phase of its life. We are looking for a multi-year full-time commitment, though this may initially be a part-time position.

The goal is not to grow into a large company, but rather to develop mission-targeted financially successful initiatives that leverage the global community while encouraging its ultimate growth into a largely decentralized and autonomous structure. The ideal candidate would need to be excited about and experienced with business development, event based business models, and global online and in-person community development.

Consciousness Hacking is in a transition and finances are limited. A first initiative upon hiring this position will be raising donations to support the first years efforts including salaries. The base salary for this position is negotiable based on experience and time commitment. The base salary will be increased based on performance (as a percentage of profits up to a max salary). The time commitment is initially part-time, but will transition to full-time as profits increase (~6 months).

Skills Needed

  • Serious startup/business experience
  • Business model development including basic financial modeling
  • Deep understanding of organizational structures
  • Project management
  • Community development and management (online and in-person)
  • Analytics-based marketing a plus
  • Non-profit experience is a plus
  • Events-based business experience is a plus!


  • Streamline existing events business including development of systems to increase efficiency of execution for repeating event structures, financial modeling of events, maximize profitability of events, research and understand best practices for successful events businesses, develop systems to collect analytics to refine event design and execution, and help to generate new ideas for innovative event structures.
  • Develop existing paid membership model including, researching existing successful membership models, identifying creative value propositions, figuring out how to extend membership to include the global community and determine ideal software platform for managing members.
  • Lead development of marketing strategies for events, membership, merchandise and other future initiatives.
  • Lead development of structures and systems to unite and strengthen the global community including development of standardized event formats and a ‘playbook’ for global chapters, training materials for global chapter leaders, methods of sharing the mission and culture of Consciousness Hacking across global chapters.
  • Develop best systems and practices resulting in thriving global online community
  • Help clarify Consciousness Hacking vision and branding including working with branding consultants, ensure consistent messaging across platforms (web, social media, events, global community etc)
  • Co-vision new initiatives, and then lead the execution of those initiatives.


Please contact Mikey Siegel if interested. Please include a cover letter or email text detailing why you’re interested, an overview of your skills and how they related to the needs of CH, and your personal interest in the intersection of tech and consciousness. Also include a resume/CV. Email address is mikey and then at and then cohack.life